Yes, our new CAD drawings are done! Small changes mean so much in making the perfect eBike.  Just like they used to say, this is not your father’s eBike…..

Like a number of manufacturers, they believed that all they needed to do was slap a motor on a bike and their engineering was done.  Many are finding now that there is more to an ebike.  Integrating a motor or battery is not simple.  We worked hard just on getting better ground clearance.  To have a high wattage motor, at this time you need a larger case for the motor.  Until motors improve further to produce higher wattage in smaller cases, we will have to contend with specific bike designs.  And, we love our fat tire beach cruisers for that purpose.  It is an incredible e-Bike platform.

Updates include:

  • A more secure integrated battery
  • Better ground clearance
  • An even stronger fork
  • Soul Fast tires that are 35% lighter than our current tires
  • Improved Tektro brakes

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Chadde did a cool home base review with his 2019 XTR with the help of his dog!  Thanks for sharing!

In this video I ride with my German Shepherd Lobo as I review my new fat tire dog bike. It’s a 26 inch 2018 Soul XTR Stomper billet edition Beach Cruiser in brushed aluminum with black components……

I really like the bike and highly recommend the company. They were a pleasure to deal with. It all arrived shipped in one piece and assembly was easy… especially with their reference videos on YouTube. The quality of the bike is awesome. SOUL Beach Cruisers YouTube Channel……