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Brake adjustment on your disc brake cruiser

Adjust the brakes on any bicycle is a tedious process only sped up by experience.  We will go over several steps that can help improve that process for you and get you riding quicker. Ensure the caliper mount bolts are tight.  There are 4 bolts that hold the caliper onto the bike. 2 that bolt […]

Caring for our eBike Batteries

I wanted to put some things together about our eBikes, systems and batteries.  This will be just about batteries. Currently, almost every battery unit we sell uses LG Chem 18650 cells.  We did for a time have Samsung 35e cells, but have not used those in some time.  We are trying to get a better […]

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Beach Cruiser Repairs

We get asked all the time, do we repair bikes?  We certainly do here at our location in Tempe, AZ. We can fix nearly any bike. The beauty of a beach cruiser bike is the simplicity.  Generally, keep ample tire pressure going and you are ready to ride.  With Soul Beach Cruisers, we build a […]

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What is a Premium Beach Cruiser?

With the advent of manufacturing bikes in Asia, the function of quality has changed significantly.  There used to be a hierarchy where products from Japan were better than from Taiwan and so on. That still holds true today. And, the adage that you get what you pay for rings true more than ever. If you […]


Best Cruiser Seats

Everyone worries about the saddle on a bicycle. It is the sore spot for many! But finding the right saddle is not always simple. Just simply putting a tractor saddle on a bike doesnt make it comfortable. There is a trade off on wide versus supportive.  If a saddle becomes too wide, as you pedal, […]

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Best Cruiser Tires

Generally, basic tires for cruisers have little if any technology built into them. So things like tighter thread casings and belts for flat resistance are not included due mainly to the price point and demand. Funny thing is that people want less flats, there is a demand there. Most cruiser tires are built with a […]

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Best Handlebars for Cruisers

There will always be a ton of debate about which bike parts are right, or wrong. But we have to separate looks over functionality.  Many people are hung up on looks, and think that something can function rather than understanding how things work. We have been riding bikes since the 1970’s. Hundreds of thousands of […]


Fat Tire Beach Cruisers Soul Stomper vs XTR

The XTR & steel frame STOMPER’s are identical in frame geometry sharing the majority of the same components. XTR’s are 7-8 lbs lighter with the 6061 aluminum frame topped off with billet aluminum pedals, stem, and seat post clamps. Additionally the XTR features aluminum bars and seat post and upgraded Brako brake rotors. These rotors provide better braking power with an aggressive […]

Soul Welcomes Bike Craze of Anaheim as a Dealer

In a push to add more dealers to the Soul network,Bike Craze of Anaheim, California has become an authorized Soul dealer.  Soul has been actively seeking Southern California dealers for our fat tire beach cruisers.  Bike Craze chose Soul due to its long history in SoCal, as well as a great platform for electric conversions. […]

Soul Welcomes Stockton Honda Yamaha as a Dealer

In a push to add more dealers to the Soul network, Stockton Honda Yamaha of Stockton, California has become an authorized Soul dealer.  This is our first dealer in the San Joaquin Valley for our fat tire beach cruisers.  Stockton Honda Yamaha chose Soul because of our close ties in the motorsports industry. Soul’s color […]